10 May 2007

Some of my favourite shit

Hair: Yuppie Black&Red, Old Gravy
Eyes: Neko 15 w/ Highlights, Jenika's Eyes
Nosering: Demon Septum Ring, Skanks-R-Us
Necklace: Cuff Necklace, Refuge
Top (shirt layer): Stretch T Crimson, Iki
Top (jacket layer): Skull Flirt, Kalico Kreations
Bottoms: Red Shorts, Simone!
Stockings/garter: Raggy Ass Stockings, D3volution
Boots: Chunkies Vamped, DKs

Hair: Do-it-yourself, Nylon Outfitters
Eyes: Fairy Eyes Bondi Blue #25, Popfuzz
Necklace: turqu01s3 b3ad3d n3cklac3, Mikayla's Designz
Bangles: Clunky (dyed to match), [Woo's!]
Top (shirt layer): Sun Boob Tube, Studio Sidhe
Bottoms: Besty Pants Medium Blue, Artilleri
Shoes: All White Buckles, Jeepers Creepers

Hair: Gail Blackgloss, Gurl6
Eyes: Fairy Eyes Yellow #22, Popfuzz
Facial Piercings: The Line, Deviant Kitties
Necklace: Gradiated Heart Black, Celestial Studio
Bangles (Left): Wildchild Cuff Zebra, Last Call
Bangles (Right): Black & Yellow & Stars Clunky Bangle (dyed to match), [Woo's!]
Belt: Black & Yellow Starry, [Woo's!]
Top (shirt layer): The Uno The Checker, Pushbutton Industries
Top (jacket layer): Stretch T Lemon, Iki
Bottoms: Messy shorts Midnight, Sand Shack Surf Co.
Stockings: Fishnet Stockings Yellow, WRONG
Socks: Lulu OTK Black Torn, Celestial Studios
Boots: Goth Mutation Boots, Skanks-R-Us
Gloves: Handstraps, TorridWear

All tattoos: Body Graffiti Suicide Girls, Canimal


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