13 May 2007

Today's Hotness

More shit I like! (and some of the same...so nyah.)

Hair: Saturated Jet, Taunt
Eyes: Crystal, Curious Kitties
Piercings: The Line, Deviant Kitties
Demon Septum Ring, Skanks R Us
Necklace: Cuff Necklace, Refuge
Jacket Layer: Cross Top, Second Wave
Shirt Layer: Blue Top, Indie Rainbow
Bangles: Royal Pain Seein' Stars, [Woo's!]
Manicure: Touch Me Not Licorice, House of Paisley
Skirt: Black Mini, WRONG
Underwear Layer: Fishnet Stockings, WRONG
Sock Layer: Kushukushu Kutsushita, SHOP SEU
Boots: WildnSexxy Royal Blue, Deja Vu

Hair: Mellaging Blackdarkblonde, Old Gravy
Eyes: Kitty Eyes In Headlights, Hybrid
Sunglasses: Stunner Shades Pinkthug
Necklace: Bubble Necklace Trippy, Shiny Things
Top: Yellowskulltank, /Versteck/
Bangles: School Daze Faded Yellow, [Woo's!]
Yellow, Black w/ Pink Staz Clunky Bangle, [Woo's!]
Manicure: Touch Me Not Licorice, House of Paisley
Trousers: PINK Jeans Charcoal, G.L.A.M.
Belt: Mixed Up Belt Princess Pink, Unpop
Socks: Fishnet Thigh Highs (colourable), Wilted Rose
Shoes: Pink Popsters, Popfuzz

Hair: The Long II Maroon, ETD
Eyes: Kitty Eyes Blood, Hybrid
Piercings: Demon Septum Ring, Skanks R Us
Necklace: Pentacle Choker, Skanks R Us
Top: Stretch T Burgundy, Iki
Bangles: Braid Bracelet, Shiny Things
Messy Bangles, 7 Deadly Prims
Skirt: Dead Festivus, TRUTH
Stockings: Black Hose Socks, Ayana & Moon Designs
Legwarmers: Short Legwarmers for Heels, I-candy
Shoes: Colour Change Sandal Pumps, X3D

Just a quickie note...
Ears/tails: always from Hybrid
Skin: (CS) Glamour Skin, Fair/Cherry Tribal (DISCONTINUED) unless otherwise noted.
Tattoos: Body Graffiti Suicide Girls, Canimal


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