30 January 2009

Bluescreen Bun

As seen in a recent frying pan:

bluebun 3
Manipulated using Picnik(flickr)

Just thought the original bluescreen I took for Achariya was too cute not to mess with and then splatter on the interbutz. Yay interbutz!

Stylecard for those who like!
Hair: Bambi by Truth in Jelly
Necklace: Candy Necklace by ::69:: in 69
Shirt: Candy Tee by ~momo~ in Green
Skirt: Lulu Skirt by Celestial Studios in Hotpink
Socks: Lulu Knee-hi Tubesocks by Celestial Studios in Pink Mix
Boots: Ving Boots by Shiny Things in Black
Huggy Onigiri: Group Gift by !* REBEL XTRAVAGANZA *!


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