22 January 2009

i can haz bunneh

Achariya plurked about a CSR bunny week and since it's one of the most adorkable things to dress up I hopped right on the blogwagon and took a pic.

I am hoping Esme (Uncle Wiggily) posts all of her new releases in the bunneh ava.

pinkstripe_005 edit

Hair: Aden - Lara Braid White (re-attatched braid to right ear for the pic)
Dress: ::huming::tweedDress_Red
Necklace: *UnTone* snowdrop-yuki no hana- necklace


Blogger Achariya Rezak said...

:D you look totally adorable Wednesday! I love the Aden hair on the bunneh. <3

12:18 PM  

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