19 December 2009

I love this dress!

Just a little update from [ woo's! ] as well as a big one from Freak Boutique! Prices are still cheap, cheap, cheap and I've decided to keep the low prices on indefinitely. A wee eventual remodel is going as well...pardon the mess. If there's anything you can't find, IM Wednesday Soon.

And now here's the latest from Freak Boutique!  A flirty, Winter dress which comes with options to change it from a babydoll to a cocktail dress.  It includes the top, bottom, skirts, stockings, garters, anklets, shoes, opera gloves, bangles, earrings, choker, and a pen and notebook chat override that sprays snowflakes when you type in local chat!  It's also on sale for $300L until the end of December!


I'm heaving a huge sale, for the entire month of December, everything in the store is on sale including fat packs.  Most things are 50% off, including complete outfits that include chat overrides and shoes. Skins are 66% off, and shape packs are only $1L!Here's another little taste of what you can find at Freak Boutique.


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