11 January 2010

New - Bratty Beads

New at [ woo's! ]

Meet the Bratty Bead Strand Necklace!
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Each prim was hand-placed for maximum realistic draping effect. I unfortunately haven't figured out a way for those without the Emerald Viewer to wear all 4 attachments at the same time, so it is limited to 3 for everyone for the time being. (Two strands were linkable, the others were too primmy.)

Each 12 piece set includes:

❤ 2 attachment points for each strand.
❤ 4 single bead strands and 2 linked versions in 2 colours.

bratty bead pink ad

bratty bead black ad

Also available in a discounted Black & Pink pack!

Each strand is fully moddable/copiable. (P.S. the pink tints pretty well.)

While these items are totally mod, not everyone is adept with prims. I am including my rack measurements with purchase in the offchance anyone needs them! Just peek in the handy dandy notecard.
Please also note, I am VERY short, a wee bit of modifying is neccesary.

That's it for now ... more to come soonish :D


Blogger Gillian Waldman said...

Cute, Weddy <3

(Good to see you're still creating)


4:15 AM  

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