15 September 2007

Can't Break Thru

The Jewelry Expo has begun, and with it many portals to stuff I haven't seen much of before have opened. One of those showed me the way to Illusions, The Isle of Masks. I've been here before, and the masks and hats and jewelry are to die for! Well crafted and beautiful to look at. I purchased a hat I had drooled over the last time I was in, and finally jumped all over it...boy am I glad I did!

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Meet the Harajuku Top Hat. It comes in two colours - black & white and you can choose between black & white also for the silk band. I chose white for tintabilty. I can't believe the craftsmanship that went into it! The roses are so soft and such a wonderful shade of red. Siyu Suen is bloody talented, and to top it off, super nice! I met her today carousing the Expo, and had the pleasure of meeting up with her a couple of times. (Check out her booth also, her new jewelery is awesome!)

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I decided that I needed a dark place to take some pics to truly show off the outfit I paired it up with, so I typed 'goth' into the map search bar and came up with Gothica.

Behind me in the pics is the Phantom Manor. Just the right amount of creepy for this shoot! I chose my Deviant Kitties Lashes skin for a darker, gothier look. It's nice and smudgey, and a tan that I like because it's not orange-hued. Also, even better, is that this line of skins is on sale until the new Deviant Kitties build is finished. An amazing amazing bargain for...$100L!

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I love red, and I recently bought one of the Kats Coats from artilleri. I love this jacket and though I love the colours Antonia released, I am hoping for more colours...like yellow, orange, pink and purple. A zebra print might even be pretty hot...

Anyway, here's the creds to the goods!

hat- Harajuko Top Hat in Black/White/Red, Siyu Suen - Illusions (custom tinted the white band to match my coat)

hair- Couture Collection 'The Long' in Black, ETD (discontinued)

skin- Lashes in Tan, Deviant Kitties (soon to be discontinued?)

eyes- []::Tuli::[] Eyes in Steel, Tuli

gloves- Casablanca Leather Gloves. LAST CALL (group freebie)

jacket- Kats Coat in maroon, artilleri

trousers- Nina Highwaist Pants in Black, artilleri

boots- Femme Dolfie Boots - Austere, Nevermore Studios

poses- Long Awkward Pose - Emo-Silenced, Emo-Can't Break Thru
Canimal - stand-casual5


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