28 March 2007

Oh yeaaah!

New store...new blog.

So what's Woo all about?

I am all about having a good time. Fun stuff with fun people. I have started out my shop with a small range of flip flop sandals (the KACHUNK! and CHUNKY range) and also my Bangarang! Bangle sets.

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I am set up in the Four Corners Open Air Market in Hillard ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hillard/95/30/56/ ) along with 4 other designers, artists, builders and landscapers.

-Woo's!, That's me! Accessories galore by Wednesday Soon.

-Studio Sidhe, Featuring real life paintings by Faery Sola.

-Ribbons&Roses, Landscaping and lawn decorations by Rhea Newall ad Tink Bosch.
They also have a Main Store located in Rollie ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rollie/35/231/99/ )
With all of their lawn furniture, ornaments and other even larger builds.

-Skywaves, Dresses and other cute accessories by Lum Pfohl.

-DK Designs, AV's, Amusement park rides and other creations by Dave Whitehead.

The GRAND grand oening hasn't come yet, but the doors are always open and we're ready for biz!

April is going to be a huge month for us, with Easter and Spring coming up. Grand Opening involves a fun easter egg hunt with items by each creator for the public to find and whet their appetites for all things Four Corners.

More to come!

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