27 September 2007

Goldie Locks & the Many Hairs

This is supposed to be on Shopping Cart Disco..but I am technologically retarded. So...welcome to here. I'll post this back there ASAP! I AM SO SORRY! And as we can all see I haven't quite gotten the format down here either. Blogs hate me today.

(and now back to our regularly scheduled blog post)

I like me some shopping for hairs. I think a lot of gals out there share that interest, so on that note, I'd like to introduce/reintroduce Goldie Locks, designed by Selena Gateaux.

If you have already discovered this shop, it may have been due to the two lucky chairs posted right by the entrance. They are updated quite often with full colour packs of hair...these are huge packs, just check out the colour range!

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Posted by the lucky chairs are also a couple of clothing dollarbies, which are pretty good for someone who really only (as far as I know actually) designs hair. From short to super long, Selena's got it. Men's and women's styles in that multitude of colours (sorry I kinda cut off the top row) and I'm sure there's something for everyone, no matter the look.

I took a few shots of some of my faves to show off. I regularly choose the basic black colour from most shops, but I am starting to branch out because there are some fabulous hair colours out there and every designer does them just a little bit differently.

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Shown here is Rhiannon which retails for $200L per colour pack and $1000L (which is a steal) for the All Colour Pack. Rhiannon is voluptuous despite being held back with barrettes. It's got a bit of flex to it which just adds to the wig, making it a lovely simple style that goes well with a lot of outfits.

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Mia was reduced to TEN lindens!!! Ten! for the entire colour pack. I love the waves and the swept aside fringe, there may be too much forehead showing for some avatars, but I am happy it suits mine just right.

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Mary Anne has been reduced to $50L per colour pack and $330L for the all colour pack. This is a classic wig, reminiscent of Gilligan's Island. This would rock with some cut-offs and a little gingham top.

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Next up we have Lil Bob which has been reduced to $50L and $330L for the all colour pack. This is very cute rounded short-do held in the back with a barrette. Nice and sleek that would do well with the cutest of cocktail dresses or just jeans and a tank.

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Next is Freya, another $50L reduction. I've always been a little hesitant to wear styles with a lot of volume, but this is just so soft and frames the face nicely.

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Last in this row is Electra. Up for grabs at $200L per colour pack and $1000L for the fatpack, this is one of my all time favourite styles. I love the bangs over one eye and I LOVE love the back...soft and staticky (not static, it's flex), it's wild with a little bit of sane. It's another very versatile wig. (I wore it in my first post on here in fact.)

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Daisy is $200L also. It's soft and very full with a bit of curl. The fringe is pulled off to the side and held with a barrette someone (who shall remain nameless :P) did not take a pic of. The curls framing the face are soft, and one of my favourite details on this hair.

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Corkscrew is a fun piggy-tail style that is shockingly on sale for $50L! The soft fringe is amazing and doesn't cover the eyes too much. The curly poofs are simply adorable, another one of my favourite styles from this store.

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Last but not least is Anya, $200L per colour pack and $1000L per fatpack. I love how soft and big these pigtails are. Definitely cute, just a little wild. Another big fave of mine.

I urge all you hair fanatics to check out Goldie Locks if you haven't already...it's a goldmine of lovely stuff!

(Here's the rest of the outfit for those who may want the info!

Skin- D-skins

Jewelery- Luna in black by Miriel (Jewelery Expo 2007 Treasure Hunt items)

Tank- Tread Tank in Pitch, Pushbutton Industries

Cardigan- Boyfriend Cardigan in Olive, Sh*t Happens (currently unreleased)

Socks- Stripy Knit Thigh Highs in Green, Shiny Things

25 September 2007

What's up with Woo's!

Just a quickie here! I've set up the new stuff from the jewelery expo in my main store now, aaaaand added 2 brand spankin' new things out and ready...the first is the Pepper Dangly Hoop earrings set.

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Delicate silver rings hanging off an even more delicate chain..these were inspired by the actress who plays Pepper on Neighbours. She's been wearing these fabulous silver danglies for a few days now and I totally wanted some! So...to muffle the roar of the shopping beast, I whipped some up! I just wish I could make them as jingly as the real deal!

I have a set of 4 pairs of colour change hoops also...in a heart pattern with 4 simple variations...up for grabs at 50 Lindens in the big shiny box at the front of the store!

I have some long term big plans for the store also...as in toning it down a little bit and making it look neat and classy, yet still way fun. Look for that after Halloween. As for the month of monsters ghouls and ghosts...I've got surprises for that too! Yay!

18 September 2007


I logged on to SL today and sitting in my inventory was a HUGE surprise. A big, spinny, shiny surprise!

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(That's Anars watchin me freak out!)

I received a notecard from Adia Clary along with it, saying that my freebie earrings were the best in the Jewelery Expo...which makes me all faint and need to sit down! The best bit is that shiny trophy. I never saw that coming!

Here's the post with the rest of the winners.

I keep seeing my freebie bangles cropping up in different posts on different blogs and I am so happy other people like em enough to share with the rest of the world.

Thanks everyone!

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16 September 2007

I am a fucktard for fashion!

Last night Imade a super awesome important discovery. I was at Bettiepage Voyager's shop having yet another look around and a gander at the HUGE bunny rabbit out front when I saw something VERY interesting. A cute little japanese avi was strolling around with her friend (I wanna say she was a wifey of Puma...I looked in the prof, cos I'm nosey.)

Anyway, they had on these fucking adorable ass red ponchos. Red. I actually almost followed these girls around because I was so in lust with the shawls. But being the good non-stalker-of-strangers that I am, I zoomed in and LO AND BEHOLD! They are the one and same as the ones Gilly and I modelled not so long ago.

I rushed off, bought mine (comes in TEAL!! too!) and then promplty IM'd Gilly in all caps cos I'm polite like that and she barely even had a chance to put her trousers on, that teleport came in so fast.

Scarf we did, and then we stood gasbaggin' it when a crowd of people kinda swarmed in and we chatted some more and goofed off and and we had decided that it was bedtime for for each (it was 7am here...12am there) until Gillian asks me WTF is hovering over our heads.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Needless to say, we got to bed a lot later than planned!!

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15 September 2007

Can't Break Thru

The Jewelry Expo has begun, and with it many portals to stuff I haven't seen much of before have opened. One of those showed me the way to Illusions, The Isle of Masks. I've been here before, and the masks and hats and jewelry are to die for! Well crafted and beautiful to look at. I purchased a hat I had drooled over the last time I was in, and finally jumped all over it...boy am I glad I did!

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Meet the Harajuku Top Hat. It comes in two colours - black & white and you can choose between black & white also for the silk band. I chose white for tintabilty. I can't believe the craftsmanship that went into it! The roses are so soft and such a wonderful shade of red. Siyu Suen is bloody talented, and to top it off, super nice! I met her today carousing the Expo, and had the pleasure of meeting up with her a couple of times. (Check out her booth also, her new jewelery is awesome!)

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I decided that I needed a dark place to take some pics to truly show off the outfit I paired it up with, so I typed 'goth' into the map search bar and came up with Gothica.

Behind me in the pics is the Phantom Manor. Just the right amount of creepy for this shoot! I chose my Deviant Kitties Lashes skin for a darker, gothier look. It's nice and smudgey, and a tan that I like because it's not orange-hued. Also, even better, is that this line of skins is on sale until the new Deviant Kitties build is finished. An amazing amazing bargain for...$100L!

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I love red, and I recently bought one of the Kats Coats from artilleri. I love this jacket and though I love the colours Antonia released, I am hoping for more colours...like yellow, orange, pink and purple. A zebra print might even be pretty hot...

Anyway, here's the creds to the goods!

hat- Harajuko Top Hat in Black/White/Red, Siyu Suen - Illusions (custom tinted the white band to match my coat)

hair- Couture Collection 'The Long' in Black, ETD (discontinued)

skin- Lashes in Tan, Deviant Kitties (soon to be discontinued?)

eyes- []::Tuli::[] Eyes in Steel, Tuli

gloves- Casablanca Leather Gloves. LAST CALL (group freebie)

jacket- Kats Coat in maroon, artilleri

trousers- Nina Highwaist Pants in Black, artilleri

boots- Femme Dolfie Boots - Austere, Nevermore Studios

poses- Long Awkward Pose - Emo-Silenced, Emo-Can't Break Thru
Canimal - stand-casual5

Oh, it's ON now!!

The expo is on now and it's not laggy and there are so many nice people wandering around!

That plus the goodies...WHOO HOO!

14 September 2007

Jewlery Expo & Stuff

I actually somehow managed to get my jewelery expo booth set up, on time and before the mad rush of last minuters, it's done properly (to Miriel Enfield's specifications to reduce lag) and will hopefully catch people's eyes!

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Sansarya of Fashion Heaven stopped in before the lagfest and took a tour. Check out the slideshow on her blog which includes a very pink yours truly mugging it up in front of her shop! I am getting bloody excited about this!

I have three newish kinda things (one is Unisex!) that have been collecting dust in my inventory for a while now that are up and ready for sale only at the Expo thus far, but will pop up in the main store afterwards. I am also going to attempt to do another small release soon..but I have LOADS to do.

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I'll fit in some mix n match stuff from the realms of my inventory too. Spent waaay too much not to show this stuff off!

10 September 2007

I need a feather duster...for all these blogwebs in here. (har har. -_-)

Gonna do some stuff here. New Releases at Woo's! and the killer stuff Woo's! is associated with. Stuff in my inventory. Not just that new stuff..the ooooooold stuff. Stuff that might be old to me new to someone else. New to me, old to whoever. 'Nother fashion glob I spose, but whatever. I promise not to use the word 'yummy' too much unless it's cookies. I also promise to use proper lighting most of the time...at least no midnight shots unless its for art. Also...look for me on Deux Looks.

I gotta get ready for the Jewelery Expo 2007, that's in like...4 days now, and I am just getting done with the themed piece I started. S'what I get for not signing up months ago and waiting till right before the cut off date. I have some shoes in the works for Studio Sidhe aaand perhaps some goodies for Sh*t Happens with Nanners Bananners Ana Boogiewoogie.

Today I have some pics of some stuff that I just got that I like and most people probably don't have yet. Credits at the end!

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I can't so slurls yet cos...well, I haven't bothered trying yet.

Hair - 'Electra' in Black; Goldie Locks
Skin - 'Gutter: Smoke 3' in Tone3; [miw]
Eyes - '::Soda:: Eyes' in Azure; ::Soda::
Jeans - 'Jeans Ana is going to punch in the crotch...just ask her' in a colour I love and want irl; Sh*t Happens (unreleased bitches!)
Shirt - 'Frilly Blouse' in black (only colour); **DP**
Gloves - 'TaP Gloves' short length in Black; Tete A Pied
Belt - 'Black stutz belt'; creator: sami Rang
Boots - 'Black Rubber Boots'; creator: Masuri Dryke

Okay...so the lighting isnt THAT great. Next time. I gots shits ta do!


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