31 October 2008

Freaks & Skanks

Right. It's Halloween NOW and here is my celebration of freaky, skanky and frightening. I have no idea how in tarnation to do a cut, so I apologise for the photo-intensity.

What's more frightening than a zombie? A zombie with pompoms! We've got spirit and now we have your braaaaains too! RAAAWRR! Here are two ghastly versions of Jenika Connolly's Cheerleader outfits from Freak Boutique. Both feature loads of primmy bits: trainers, pompom and megaphone chat overrides. Included are shorty shorts and a crop top layer that can be worn on their own (the shorts are my favourite bit!)

(Halloween Jumper Cheerleader Uniform)

Let me hear you make some NOISE...while we eat your brains!

(Halloween V-line Cheerleader Uniform)

Hot pants! Good lord! *James Brown*

rah rah braaains -mod
(Shorts & Crop Top mixed and matched from both cheerleader uniforms)

Want to get grave-stoned? Hee! This Loli dolly is dressed up in Poe Tatum's Dark Candy Lolita and Gothic Lolita Dresses. These, as well, come with a load of options for those who don't care as much for bows and frills as some of us. There are sock, there's even a HAT in the Gothic Lolita dress. Gloves, collars, earrings...it's a prim-whore's dream. Each primitem is also scripted resize for those who need it. Head on down to Skanks-R-Us for yours!

Patiently waiting for the dead to rise...

patience -mod
(Dark Candy Lolita Dress)

I'm swiiiingin' on a graaaave...

grave decision -mod2
(Dark Candy Lolita Dress)

How about a little colour...

staged -mod2
(Gothic Lolita Dress)

*I doctored that pic up a little to show the lovely skirt texture, even though it would have been easier to take a proper photo actually of the skirt, but it's All Hallow's and I like that shot! I love the mini, and the red, and the cross earrings and the texture...

Skins: Pics 1-3: Halloween Zombie Skins 02 & 03 - Muisim (group gift), Pics 4-6: Ma Peau Zombie PinUp - Mijn Boa
Hair: Pic 1: Tossme by Bishwear, Pic 2: Tori (black) - MiraiStyle, Pic 3: MacKenzie (lime-tip) - Calico Creations, Pics 4&5: Jane (black) - MiraiStyle, Pic 6: Electra (red tip) - Goldie Locks
Nose ring: All Pics: not for sale, created my myself
Shoes: Pics 4-6: Lollies (black) - Shiny Things

14 October 2008




Scripted Resize, comes in Silver and Gold - includes right and left attachment for each. 83 prims per attachment.


Find them (and more...) at [woo's!]