30 January 2009

Bluescreen Bun

As seen in a recent frying pan:

bluebun 3
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Just thought the original bluescreen I took for Achariya was too cute not to mess with and then splatter on the interbutz. Yay interbutz!

Stylecard for those who like!
Hair: Bambi by Truth in Jelly
Necklace: Candy Necklace by ::69:: in 69
Shirt: Candy Tee by ~momo~ in Green
Skirt: Lulu Skirt by Celestial Studios in Hotpink
Socks: Lulu Knee-hi Tubesocks by Celestial Studios in Pink Mix
Boots: Ving Boots by Shiny Things in Black
Huggy Onigiri: Group Gift by !* REBEL XTRAVAGANZA *!

23 January 2009

Well...Acha's already done it, the ~momo~ bunny thermals BUT today all I wanted was a massive fix of loud, colourful, super-cute cuteness. Every time I walk into Sumomo's shop it is with glee and much excitement that I drop the L's and just buy. Like at least 2 things per visit, and I am actually quite surprised I don't own the whole shop yet...but I am getting close.

Anyway! Bunny Blogger Week hath commenced and while I am extra late on my post, there have been loads of rabbity funtimes all over the blogosphere. I am really enjoying this! Squee!


Hair: Bambi by Truth in Jellybean
Dress: Special Edition Bunny Cutie Suit by ~momo~ in White
Shirt: Little Star Top by ~momo~ in Lemon
Legwarmers: Legwarmers by [woo's!] in Yellow
Shoes: Funny Girl Flats by Periquita in Pink

And again with the ~momo~ bunny madness! I really couldn't resist! I heart her work SO MUCH.

bunny_010 edit wabbit

Hair: Puety by Eat Rice! in Icedpink Melon
Choker: Chunky Bead Choker by [woo's!] in Pink
Undershirt: Bunny Thermal by ~momo~ in Pink
Shirt: Melting Candy Top (Under) by ~momo~ in Yellow
Jacket & Skirt: tutuSkirt and belt by ~momo~ in Sea (Yellow Belt)
Socks: Lulu Vertical Stripe OTK Leggies by Celestial Studios in Pink Mix
Legwarmers: Legwarmers by [woo's!] in Yellow
Shoes: Funny Girl Flats by Periquita in Cyan

Good times!

22 January 2009

i can haz bunneh

Achariya plurked about a CSR bunny week and since it's one of the most adorkable things to dress up I hopped right on the blogwagon and took a pic.

I am hoping Esme (Uncle Wiggily) posts all of her new releases in the bunneh ava.

pinkstripe_005 edit

Hair: Aden - Lara Braid White (re-attatched braid to right ear for the pic)
Dress: ::huming::tweedDress_Red
Necklace: *UnTone* snowdrop-yuki no hana- necklace