27 November 2008

New for Spanksgiving

I like PINK.

[woo's] pink choker of doom ad copy

The newest addition to the [woo's!] accessory family is The Pink Starry Choker of DOOM! Ok, a little overboard, but I'm havin fun.

Set includes 4 chokers: two attachments (spine and chest) with full resizability via script and 2 of the same in full bright for those that desire.

Head on down to Stadtrand for a peek, and don't forget to tap the sub-o-matic for updates, group goodies and overall zaniness.

***Thanks muchly to my pardner in crime Poe Tatum for mad help on the texture front!

09 November 2008


This just in for all you colour-holics out there:

[woo's] tangy bangle ad copy

Candy-coated primminess! Tangy Pink & Green for lack of being able to think of a batter name. Hope peeps enjoy!

[woo's!] is also now with added Sub-o-matic goodness! Click to join and updates shall be yours! (along with the random goodie, etc.)

[woo's!] SubOmatic  copy

The 50% off sale is still going. Still working out what to revamp, discontinue. More news as I figure myself out. Thanks!

Here's your ride!